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Ergonomic Gullwing Paddles Will Amaze You!

Some of the world’s best ideas started with a simple curiousity about potential improvement to an everyday activity… in this case, it started when kayaking enthusiast, Art Carlow asked himself:

“Why dig, when you can glide?”

Everybody’s Doing It!

Kayaking ranks in the top ten adventure activities for American baby boomers across the country. In the last ten years, kayaking has grown two-fold, into almost 8 million participants who enjoy the serene experience kayaking offers.

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to commune with nature that’s responsible for the sport’s popularity, or maybe it’s just that kayaking is one of the least financially taxing water sports to introduce, and acclimate, oneself to… but, whatever your reason for loving it, hold on to your harness because you’re about to love it more than you ever imagined possible…


Gullwing Paddle or Magic Wand?

Proudly made in the USA, Gullwing Paddles were created in response to Carlow’s refusal to give up paddling while suffering from a back condition.  Carlow’s design, which was awarded the gracefully appropriate name of Gullwing Paddles, allowed Carlow to enjoy endless hours of paddling without any added strain or pain.

Testimonial from Product Research Team:I paddled for 2 miles against the tide to test out the Gullwing.  This is by far the easiest paddle I have used, and it totally eliminated the soreness I typically get in my shoulders while kayaking.  The OTHER best part about the gullwing paddle, is when you want to lay it down, it does not roll off the boat!  Great Product; its like walking on water only different.”

What Makes Gullwing Paddles Different?

When working out the design, Carlow took his time to ensure the finished product would have all the features he wanted in a paddle, including a lightweight ergonomic design with an improved grip.

Gullwing Paddles feature a user-friendly powder-coated aluminum alloy curved bow handle with nylon/fiberglass blades that are completely removable for ease of storage and replacement.  Additional Gullwing features include:

  1. Front and back reflective safety tape
  2. Asymmetrical angle set curved blades produce an increase in speed with a straighter glide
  3. Contoured ergonomic handle offers drip prevention and keeps the Gullwing from rolling off the kayak
  4. Reversing the direction of the paddle 180° allows for direction change or stopping
  5. Available in a 215 or 230cm version

Gullwing Paddles Are the Answer

As the saying goes, build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door; the same holds true for Boston-based Gullwing Paddles who started production in 2003 and was voted ‘one of the best fishing gear products of 2010′ by Kayak Angler magazine.

Consumer reviews overflow with testimonials about the benefits of using Gullwing Paddles:  “An amazing increase in power with less effort”; ”Easy to use and results in less fatigue”; and ”Finally, a no drip paddle that stays in place!”

Packed with Features, Low in Cost

Many times a product of this calliber also comes with sticker shock, but this is not so with Gullwing Paddles.  Their product line can be ordered online where payment is accepted by either credit card, or via PayPal.

Gullwing Paddles are priced at only $139 for Model 215 or $149 for Model 230; optional Foam Grips are $12.50 and a Baja Leash is available for $21.99; it’s an udder steal.

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Gullwing Paddles
AARP 2005 Travel & Adventure Report


Marine Fresh Water Pumps: Wide Range of Options

Marine fresh water pumps come with a wide range of options, but choosing poorly could be a critical mistake.  Fresh water pumps distribute potable(fresh drinkable) water from your onboard water tank(s) to the the various sinks and showers where it is needed. The pump also provides outlet water pressure. If you want to replace or upgrade your marine fresh water pump ,the wide range of options can make selecting the appropriate pump a challenge. When selecting a new or replacement marine fresh water pump, there are a lot of options to consider.

Marine fresh water pumps can be of piston or diaphragm design and the goal is to provide smooth, consistent water pressure to the faucets and shower heads. A pneumatic bladder or accumulator tank may be included in the water system to provide instant pressure and even out the water flow.

Selecting a new pump is not an exact science. Start out with the flow rate of the existing pump. Going with a significantly higher flow rate may not neccesarily be the answer. Boat shower heads and faucets are of low flow designs and will give good water pressure on low flow rates. A high flow pump trying to push more water through low-flow fixtures will lead to pipe hammering, excessive pump cycling, pulsating water flows and temperature fluctuations. You can get an indication of the sufficiency of your pump by opening up a couple of faucets to check on how the pump is running. If the pump runs constantly and you do not have much pressure at the faucets, you could step up the pump flow rate. If the pump cycles on and off with several faucets open, the pump is pushing too much water. The goal is to have a pump that provides steady, usable pressure to the faucets without cycling on and off due to back pressure.

Power consumption can be an issue with marine fresh water pump use. Compare the amperage draw charts for the pumps you are considering to see how much power they draw at different water pressure rates. A pump that is cycling  a water flow that is too high is a serious power draw and can also cause other water flow issues. For safety reasons, only Marine UL listed pumps should be considered.  The pump shutoff switch should be protected from the elements.

A more expensive, but in the long term possibly more useful and satisfying, solution is to go with a variable speed drive or VSD pump. VSD pumps provide constant pressure instead of a specific flow rate. A VSD pump provides several benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for an accumulator tank.
  • Water pressure stays constant as faucets and shower heads are turned on and off.
  • Draws low amperage at low flows and speeds up as water demand increases.
  • Are self priming and will not be damaged if run dry.

Marine fresh water VSD pumps are available from Jabsco, the “Sensor Max” with a 3.5 gallon per minute flow rate. I also found a VSD pump from Flojet for use in recreational vehicles, but do not know if they are providing a marine rated model.

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World’s Largest Yacht: Eclipse

Largest Yachts in the World - Eclipse

Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World - Eclipse

At 560’ in length, the mega ship Eclipse ranks first in the Top 5 World’s Largest Yachts in the World.  Built in 2009 by Blohm & Voss of Hamburg, Germany, the Eclipse reportedly cost USD $1.2 billion upon completion and is owned by Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich.  Let’s take a closer look at the number one ship in the Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World, the Eclipse.

Surprisingly enough, even though the Eclipse is the largest yacht in the world, only 24 guests can be accommodated onboard the 9-decks of the ship; but, of course, passengers are treated to a spacious VIP suite with a generous balcony offering endless views.  For inside entertainment, it has several lounges, a bar and library, plus a disco, theater, and an indoor pool; while outside on the expansive decks, guests can enjoy a second swimming pool, hot tubs, plus use of numerous pleasure boats and a selection of no less than twenty jet skis.

The security features on this extravagant mega largest yacht are reminiscent of a James Bond movie.  Should a terrorist threat occur, the 12 passenger mini-submarine (capable of submerging to 164′) will whisk passengers away to safety.  The captain remains safe behind the bullet-proof glass and armor plating of the bridge; the owner’s suite is equipped with the same safety characteristics.  The Eclipse also features an on board radar missile defense system and motion sensors throughout; there are five scheduled escape routes from the largest yacht should the need arise.

Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World - Eclipse

Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World - Eclipse

As a public politician, billionaire businessman, and owner of the Chelsea Football Club, Abramovich understands the need for privacy.  In the name of ensuring the privacy of his guests, Abramovich had the Eclipse fitted with anti-paparazzi laser lights that flash directly at a camera upon detecting a charge-coupled device; this feature is only activated when photographers are suspected to be nearby.  At 5,000 square feet, the owner’s suite located on the fifth deck features a private balcony and garden; and for guest convenience, depending upon the location of their cabin, the Eclipse offers two helicopter landing pads for arrival and departures plus three tender ships located on the aft floating harbor.

Capable of cruising at a maximum 25 knots, the Eclipse provides panoramic views from a curved glass room located in the stern allowing for a 270° range of vision.  It is currently receiving finishing touches as it awaits its maiden voyage set for the summer of 2010; celebrations could be in store as is this concurrent with the last match of the Premier League where the Chelsea Football Club is currently in first place.

Founded in 1877, Blohm and Voss Shipyards were recently awarded the 2009 Asia Boating Award for the “Most Innovative Exterior Yacht Design of the Year” and the 2008 World Yacht Trophy in the “Custom over 40 Meters Most Innovative” category.  These accomplishments are showcased in the Eclipse as this super largest yacht ranks as number one in the Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World.

Read about the second largest yacht

Flickr Photo Credits: Eclipse (1) by E.Schlumpf; Eclipse (2) by E.Schlumpf
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World’s Second Largest Yacht: Dubai

Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World: #2, Dubai

Dubai: Second Largest Yacht

Formerly the Platinum Yacht of Brunei, the Dubai has made a huge splash as number two in the Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World.   At a cost over USD $300 million, this mega yacht is powered by four MTU diesel engines (totaling 9,000 HP) with dual shaft propulsion allowing the Dubai to cruise at a comfortable 23 knots; at 532’ feet and weighing in at 13,470 tons, the Dubai is one of the Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World. Built in 2006 by Blohm & Voss and Lurssen Yachts, both of Germany, this super yacht was intended for His Highness Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.  Due to financial difficulties, Prince Bolkiah sold this nautical wonder to His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai.  At the time of completion in 2006, the Dubai was the world’s largest super yacht.  Read about the yacht which bumped it into second place:  World’s Largest Yacht.

"Dubai's" Staircase

"Dubai's" Staircase

The snow-white sleek Dubai yacht has a very modern appeal with clean flowing lines similar to that of an ocean wave; one of the most striking features of the Dubai is the dramatic open glass staircase in the sky lit atrium.  Featuring seven passenger decks, the Dubai provides fifty luxurious balcony suites for 36 guests (including the Owner’s deck) plus accommodations for 88 attentive crew members.

Designed by Andrew Winch Designs of Britain, the Dubai’s interior offers an array of deep earthy Middle Eastern influenced colors of maroon, fuchsia pink, glowing saffron, rich oranges, and crimson red.  These opulent colors are showcased by gold accents, hand-cut mosaic tiles, gorgeous woodwork, and the expansive marble used throughout the ship.  While the glitz and glamour of the Dubai may not appeal to everyone, the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail will be appreciated by all those lucky enough to set foot onboard.

Other enjoyable features of the Dubai include several lavish swimming pools (one with a waterfall and mosaic artwork); extensive decks for sunbathing; numerous beach platforms; a tender motorboat; whirlpool Jacuzzi; sports equipment including jet skis, scuba diving gear, and fishing equipment, all stored in the spacious transom garage.  The Dubai also features several dining areas (both interior and exterior), lounges, a gymnasium, spa and a high-tech home theater system.

The Dubai is capable of carrying a 9.5 ton helicopter complete with its own landing pad and onboard refuelling station.  In the case of a pirate attack or other precarious situation, safety features onboard the Dubai include armor-plating in the master suite along with bullet-proof windows on the bridge for the Captain’s protection.  With all this potential for noise, guests can be assured of comfort with a 45 decibel maximum noise level allowance in all of the cabins.

Ranked as the second ship in the Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World, the Dubai features enormous fuel tanks with a 1,050 ton capacity allowing for an 8,500 nautical mile cruising range.

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Boating Industry Magazine is a Valuable Professional Resource

Boating Industry Magazine covers a range of issues related to the boating industry, such as manufacturing, retailing, and marina operation. 

Boating Industry Magazine

Boating Industry Magazine

Some examples of Boating Industry Magazine content include interviews with marine business operators, tips for marina owners, and boat manufacturing news. A recent issue provided tips on cash management for boat dealers and included details on the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo (MDCE). The magazine is published on a monthly basis. Subscribers pay $99/year for subscription ($8.25 USD per issue). While this price may a bit higher in comparison to other industry publications, the amount is justified by the fact that applying any one of the useful business tips can produce signifcant increases in a business’ revenue, or inspire new actions which generate terrific savings in overhead. Reprints of previous issues are available as well.

Boating Industry Magazine also has an online presence.  Anyone can view the news articles under “Latest Headlines”, but accessing full magazine articles requires registration to the site. There are two different levels of online membership (free and paid), available in one and twelve month increments.

The web site also features some “Web Exclusives” articles, listed near the end of the home page. Most of these are interviews, and can be viewed for free, without registration or subscription fees.

The magazine and its web site both contain advertisements. Many industry businesses consider this a highly desirable option for promoting their products or services aimed at people working in the marine industry; many other boating magazines primarily target individual boat owners, rather than business operators.

Boating Industry Magazine also releases a yearly “Top 100 Dealers” list of the best marine products dealers. Dealers must apply before they can be considered for the list. The list appears in four other boating magazines as well, and an invitation-only awards ceremony is held.

The “Top 100″ list effectively gains publicity for both the marine product dealers and the magazine. It accomplishes this through local and national news, press release announcements, and listed dealers publicizing the “Top 100″ to promote their businesses to boaters.

The magazine has a long history; it first appeared almost eighty-one years ago. It was purchased by Ehlert Publishing Group in 2002, which is part of Affinity Media. It later introduced additional sub-publications, and released a Top 100 Dealers list for the first time in 2005.

The same company publishes a marine “Dealer Directory”, “Buyer’s Guide”, and “Market Data Book” every year, as well as two email newsletters. The newsletters have over thirteen thousand subscribers. All of these publications are targeted to professionals in the marine field.  Click here to subscribe.

Boating Industry Magazine’s publisher, Affinity Media, supplies a variety of books and magazines on recreational subjects (Camping Life, Trailer Boats). It also holds various events throughout the year and operates a large number of web sites. It owns the Good Sam recreational vehicle owners’ club as well.

Overall, Boating Industry Magazine provides a variety of useful information to business owners and operators in the marine industry, as well as valuable promotional opportunities for active industry participants.

1. Boating Industry Magazine
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Bombardier Outboard Engines

In Valcourt, Quebec, in 1937, Joseph-Armand Bombardier received the first patent for his B7 snowmobile; in 1942, he founded l’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitee of Canada.  The Ski-Doo first entered into production in 1959 followed by the Sea-Doo personal watercraft in 1968.  Bombardier Recreational Products later purchased the Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) which produced both Johnson Outboard motors and Evinrude outboard engines.

The Facts about Bombardier Outboard EnginesNow
Johnson Outboard engines are no longer produced as Bombardier Recreational Products moved all of its marine engine production over to Evinrude Outboard Motors.  They continue to support the Johnson outboard engine brand by supplying both parts and service.  As a subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products, Evinrude is one of the top selling marine engine manufacturers; Evinrude outboard motors are manufactured in Sturtevant, WI, and China.

Makes & Models
The last series of Johnson outboard motors were produced from 2004 to 2007; these engines included a two-stroke series ranging from 3.5 to 175 HP and a four-stroke series ranging up to 225 HP.  Until 2006, Suzuki was the drive manufacturer for Johnson four-stroke outboard motors up to 225 HP.  Evinrude produces an E-Tec line of 2-stroke outboard engines with inline models that range from 25 to 90 HP; E-Tec 1.7L V-4 engines with 115 to 130 HP; V-6 models ranging from 150 to 300 HP; plus E-Tec High Output (H.O.) engines featuring 115 to 250 HP.

Customer Satisfaction
According to J.D. Powers and Associates in February 2009, Evinrude ranks as the number one marine engine manufacturer in new boat owner satisfaction with 907 out of a possible 1,000 points awarded.  Evinrude also ranked number one in the two-stroke direction injection (DI) outboard engine category providing exceptional fuel economy, smoothness when shifting, and overall reliability.

Service, Parts, and Owner’s Manuals
Both Johnson and Evinrude outboard motor parts and manuals can be ordered directly from your local Evinrude dealer.  Vintage Evinrude marine engine parts can be purchased through Vintage Outboard & Marine Supply; the Bombardier Recreational Products/Johnson website also provides access to operator’s manuals online for 2004 to 2007 Johnson outboard engines.  Repair manuals for both engine manufacturers can also be purchased through and through the Ken Cook Co. website.

If you’d like an answer to a Johnson/Evinrude question sooner than waiting for a manual to arrive, try the Just Answer website.  For a fee ranging from $14 to $34, you can ask a Just Answer expert about a Johnson/Evinrude outboard motor and receive an answer within minutes from a certified marine mechanic.  You can also browse previous Johnson/Evinrude questions and answers free of charge.

New for 2010
Purchase an Evinrude E-Tec 200 H.O. outboard engine in conjunction with a Sylvan Revolution Planing Technology (RPT) Tri-Performance pontoon package, and receive a $1,000 rebate until January 31, 2010.

Dealer Locator
Evinrude dealers can easily be located by using the ‘find a dealer’ feature on the Evinrude website; Bombardier Recreational Products dealers can be located by using the ‘find a dealer’ feature under the Sales Network category of their website.

Owner’s Groups & Clubs
There are several websites dedicated to both Johnson and Evinrude outboard motor owners.  These include E-Tec Owners Group; Evinrude Fleetwin and Johnson-Outboardmotors group on Yahoo; and Johnson/Evinrude Outboard forums on Marine Engine,, and the Johnson Outboard Forum.  The Antique Outboard Motor Club is dedicated to preserving and restoring antique outboards including many Johnson outboard engines.

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Caterpillar Marine Engines Facts

Caterpillar is a leader in medium and high speed marine engines and power generation. Caterpillar Marine Power Systems are headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and provide a single source for ocean going commercial power and pleasure craft propulsion systems.

Caterpillar was founded in 1925 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment and diesel and natural gas engines. Cat engines and gensets are well known for their quality and reliability. The company is prould of the technological innovation and clean diesel technologies. Caterpillar boast a global network of employees and dealers in all of their product lines including the marine power division. Caterpillar’s stock is included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the company has over $50 billion in worldwide sales.

Caterpillar Marine provides diesel propulsion engines with power ratings from 250 hp. to over 21,000 hp., generator sets providing from 12 to 5,200 KW and auxiliary engines providing from 250 hp. to over 7,000 horsepower.

Cat propulsion engines for the recreational boating environment revolve around the C-series of inline 6 cylinder diesel engines, the C7, C9, C12, C15 and C18. The number refers to the engine’s displacement in liters, i.e. the C9 is a 9 liter engine. Caterpillar’s ACERT technology is the company’s most advanced emission reduction system. ACERT engines meet the latest EPA requirement for on-road diesels and are among the cleanest diesel engines available for marine applications. Here are the power ratings for the various C-diesels from Cat.

C7: 250 to 370 hp.
C7 ACERT: 455 hp.
C9 ACERT: 503 to 567 hp.
C12: 340 to 600 hp.
C12 ACERT: 660 to 705 hp.
C15 ACERT: 800 to 853 hp.
C18: 454 to 1001 hp.
C18 ACERT: 454 to 1136 hp.

As you can see the ACERT technology also provides a nice increase in horsepower ratings. Cat Marine also has V8, V12 and V16 engines with displacements starting over 30 liters for small commercial and large yacht applications. Power ratings up to 2,500 hp. are available in these big V-diesels.

Cat Gensets start with 1.5L 3 cylinder diesels producing 11 Kw of power up to the big 6 cylinder engines with output of over 500 Kw. And these are yacht sized generators. The company also has much larger units for large ocean going vessels.

A newer product in the Caterpillar Marine power lineup is the Zeus pod drive system. Powered by a C9 ACERT diesel producing 455 hp, the Zeus pod drive system provides excellent thrust and much improved maneuverability. The advanced technology of the Zeus system makes large pleasure craft handle like a sports car.

Caterpillar provides a wide range of marine diesel propulsion, generator and auxiliary units that will fit many applications. That is backed up by Cat’s reputation for quality products and a world-wide dealer and supplier network.

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Boating Innovations of 2009

Financially, 2009 was a tough year for the boating industry as the economic recession led to a significant downturn in boat sales. Hopefully, 2010 will be the start of an economic recovery and also a recovery for the boating industry. In the meantime let us take a look as some of the boating improvements and innovations the industry came up with in 2009.

The Miami International Boat Show kicked off the year with the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer’s Association) and Boating Writers International (BWI) innovation awards. These new products can improve the pleasure of boating right now. Here are several of the more interesting award winners:

Consumer Installed Non-Electronic Hardware: Vetus Easy Tank.The “Easy Tank” is a replacement water tank that starts out as an easy to install anywhere bladder tank and then goes through an ultraviolet conversion process to become a rigid tank that will not shift while boating.

Inboard & Outboard Power Cruisers (Co-Winner): Aspen Power Catamarans L80 Launch: Asymetric catamaran hull allows single engine power in a 28 ft. catamaran to cruise at over 20 kts. on 110hp. and get double to fuel economy of comparable boats.

PWC, Jet Boats & Pontoon Boats: Sea Doo GTX iS PWC: Active suspension and first-in-class on water braking make this personal water craft innovative, easier to ride and safer.

Environmental Award: Island Pilot DSE 12m Hybrid. Alternative energy meets recreational boating with this hybrid yacht with solar-diesel-electric power.

Electric and solar propulsion may be the wave of the future for both commercial and recreational boating. Innovative vessels are starting to appear showing the current technological possibilities.

Solar Sailor is an Austrailian company that is current providing solar powered ferry boats to Hong Kong and plans to expand their technology into private power cruisers.

The Serpentine Solar Shuttle from Solar Labs has been working as a Thames River ferry for several years now, but this first solar powered boat in the United Kingdom is able to function in London’s foggy climate and store enough power to carry 37 passengers 20 miles in the dark. Too bad the company’s website is so totally unhelpful and uninteresting.

Finally, on the completely recreational boating side, the Epic 23E hybrid wakeboarding boat makes all day wakeboarding environmentally friendly. The Epic 23E’s onboard electric propulsion system allows for an hour of full on wakeboarding and the system can be recharged with 110 or 220 volt power. For all day boating, this boat also has an onboard gas engine that can recharge the batteries, similar to the system in the forth coming Chevrolet Volt. With an initial price tag of up to $150,000 the 23E is expensive, but the company has taken orders for several boats this year.

The boating industry continued to innovate in 2009 providing both currently helpful and energy saving products and also developing technology that will change the face of boating in the future.

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Mercury Outboard Engines Facts

Mercury Engines Then

Mercury Marine has been manufacturing the Mercury outboard engines since 1939.  During World War II, they became the world’s largest producer of chainsaws.  In the 1950’s, the company became involved in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR); in 1961, Mercury Marine amalgamated with Brunswick Corporation of Lake Forest, IL.

Mercury Engines Now

With over 6,200 employees worldwide, Mercury Marine is the foremost manufacturer of leisure marine propulsion engines with a reported USD $2.3 billion in sales.  They produce an array of consumer brands such as Mariner and the Mercury outboard engine line:

  • MerCruiser engines plus inboard packages
  • SeaCore stern drives
  • Mercury inflatables
  • Mercury propellers
  • Quicksilver and Mercury parts and oil, and
  • Mercury Smartcraft electronics.
The Facts about Mercury Outboard Engines

Mercury Outboard Engine Facts

Customer Satisfaction

According to the 2009 Marine Engine Competitive Study produced by J.D. Powers and Associates, Mercury Marine ranked third in the Outboard Direct Injection (DI) two-stroke category as well as fourth in the Outboard Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) four-stroke category.  They received 886 out of a possible 1,000 points and 878 out of a possible 1,000 points, respectively.

Did you know you can shop compare local dock prices online to find your preferred marine fuel?

Makes & Models

Mercury Marine currently manufactures three series of the Mercury outboard engine – Verado, OptiMax, and FourStrokes – ranging from 20-300 HP, all featuring the durability and reliability that a Mercury outboard engine can provide.  MerCruiser is a line of 135 to 430 HP engines plus over twenty distinct stern drive systems; MerCruiser also produces a series of inboard engines including an 8.2 High Output (HO) model; Horizon 8.2; 8.1 HO; Horizon 8.1; Horizon 6.2; 6.2 Multiport Injection (MPI); Horizon 5.7; 5.7 MPI; and a 5.7 Turn Key Starting (TKS) model.  Mercury outboard engines of 30 HP and less are manufactured in Japan by Tohatsu; engines over 100 HP are manufactured at the Mercury Marine plant in Fond du Lac, WI.

Parts & Manuals

Mercury Marine outboard engine parts, service, and owner’s manuals can be ordered directly from your local Mercury Marine dealer; parts can also be ordered through your dealer or online with Mercury Parts Express.  Repair manuals can also be purchased through  Mercury Mercury Remanufacturing offers re-manufactured parts, engines, powerheads, accessories, and factory certified pre-owned engines.

If you’d like to ask a Mercury Marine outboard engine question sooner than waiting for a manual to arrive, try the Just Answer website.  For a fee ranging from $14 to $34, you can ask a Just Answer expert about a Mercury Marine outboard motor and receive an answer within minutes from a certified marine mechanic.  You can also browse previous questions and answers free of charge.

New for 2010

Mercury Marine is scheduled to participate in eleven boat shows throughout the U.S. and Canada in the first three months of 2010 where its new products will be showcased.

Dealer Locator

Mercury Marine dealers can easily be located by using the ‘find a dealer’ feature on the Mercury Marine website.

Owner’s Groups & Clubs

There are several online forums dedicated to Mercury Marine outboard engine owners including The Next Bite, Mercury Parts US and at  There is also a Mercury Marine owner’s group on Yahoo.

Mercury Marine
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The Facts about Honda Outboard Engines

Established in 1948, the Honda Motor Company primarily manufactured automobiles and motorcycles.  Over forty years ago Honda presented America with its first four-stroke outboard motor.
The Facts about Honda Outboard Engines

The Facts about Honda Outboard Engines

The Honda Motor Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of engines and motorcycles.  Honda also produces power generators, garden equipment, marine engines, and personal watercraft, to only name a few.

Customer Satisfaction
According to the 2009 Marine Engine Competitive Study produced by J.D. Power and Associates, Honda ranked first in the outboard electronic fuel injection (EFI) four-stroke category with 908 out of a possible 1,000 points.  Honda was also awarded a ‘Best in Customer Satisfaction’ award for the last two consecutive years by both J.D. Power and Associates and the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association.

Did you know you can shop and compare local dock prices online to find your preferred marine fuel at the best price?  And, it’s FREE!

Makes & Models
Honda Marine produces a number of outboard engines including a portable series ranging from 2 to 20 HP; larger engines ranging from 115 to 225 HP; electronic fuel injection (EFI) series ranging from 25 to 90 HP; and a Jet Drive series ranging from 35 to 105 HP.  Several years ago, some of the Honda three-cylinder power heads were fixed onto Mercury Marine drive legs and propellers.

Parts & Manuals
Honda Marine owner’s manuals are available to view in PDF format on the Honda Marine website.  Parts and parts manuals for Honda outboard engines can be ordered directly from your Honda Marine dealer.  Service manuals can be purchased on the Honda Marine website through Helm Incorporated.  Repair manuals for Honda outboard motors can also be purchased online through 

If you’d like to ask a Honda Marine outboard engine question sooner than waiting for a manual to arrive, try the Just Answer website.  For a fee ranging from $14 to $34, you can ask a Just Answer expert about a Honda Marine outboard motor and receive an answer within minutes from a certified marine mechanic.  You can also browse previous Honda Marine questions and answers free of charge.

New for 2010
Honda Marine has introduced their new BF40 and BF50 EFI outboard engines featuring quiet operation; fuel efficiency; their exclusive Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system; a new ‘high-performance gear case’; all at a lightweight 214 pounds.  Until February 15, 2010, Honda Marine is offering ‘the sweetest deal on the water’ with 4.99% annual percentage rate (APR) financing on all new Honda Marine outboard engines.

Dealer Locator
Honda Marine dealers can easily be located by using the ‘find a dealer’ feature on the Owner’s page of the Honda Marine website.

Owner’s Groups & Clubs
There are several online forums dedicated to Honda Marine outboard engine owners including Marine Engine, The Unofficial Honda Forum, Honda Parts US, and

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