Research ICW Fuel Prices Before You Cruise

Posted by Christine McKenna
February 10th, 2011
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ICW Fuel

As winter snows ravage much of the U.S., chances are good that if you are a boater you’ve been dreaming of the day that you will finally get back out on your boat.  Perhaps you’re planning a long excursion along the ICW? Fuel prices can affect any boater who is trying to be budget conscious when planning a long voyage.  But by researching ICW fuel prices along your route, you’ll be better prepared to get the most out of your trip while spending the least amount of money possible.

Using tools such as those found on, you could plan your marina and refueling stops before you leave home.  Plus the major bonus of this pre-planning is that by researching Intracoastal Waterway fuel prices, you will ultimately save time and money.  First, you won’t be scrambling to try to find the closest refueling station in unfamiliar waters.  Second, you won’t have to settle for a more costly fuel option because it’s the only option you can find quickly.  By understanding what your fuel economy is, you can schedule your fuel stops to coincide with meals or overnight docking needs.

It is in the best interest of marina owners to try to keep their fuel prices competitive with other local marinas.  By researching all of the prices in a given area, you have a greater chance of making sure that you’re getting the best fuel price possible.  This will also help you plan ahead so that you can avoid marinas with little competition close by, which allow for higher Intracoastal Waterway gasoline at those marinas.

So if you are sitting in front of your heating vent mentally planning the ICW adventure of a life time, be sure to take some time to research ICW fuel prices before that big day arrives.


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