MAN Marine Diesel Engines

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May 17th, 2010
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MAN Marine Diesel Engines are produced by MAN engines is business unit of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group of Germany. MAN marine diesel engines has a history that goes back to Rudolph Diesel himself, who developed the first serviceable diesel engines at MAN from 1893 until 1897. 85% of the engines produced by MAN go into the groups own lines of MAN trucks and buses and NEOPLAN buses. MAN marine diesel engines are marketed to the fast motor yacht boating segment. Besides yacht engines MAN also has marine engines targeted at workboats and auxiliary and emergency generators.

Here is the lineup of MAN marine diesel engines for yachting applications:

  • R6-730 and R6-800 are 12.8 liter displacement I-6 engines weighing 1,305 kg (2,870 lb.) rated at 730 hp. and 800 hp. respectively. Fuel consumption is 145 liters/hr (38.3 gal/hr) for the 730 and 158 liters/hr (41.7 gal/hr) for the 800.
  • V8-900 is 14.6 liters of V-8 power rated at 900 hp. This engine weighs 1565 kg (3,440 lb.) and burns 179 liter/hr (47.2 of diesel fuel.
  • V8-1200 is another V-8 displacing 16.2 liters with a 1,200 hp. rating. Engine weight is 1,875 kg (4,125 lb.) and fuel consumption is 226 liters/hr (59.7 gal/hr).
  • V10-1100 is a V-10 block, displacement of 18.3 liters rated at 1,100 hp. The engine weighs 1,855 kg (4,080 lb.) and fuel consumption is 217 liters/hr (57.3 gal/hr).
  • V12-1224 and V12-1360 and V12-1550 displace 21.9 liters with power ratings of 1,224 hp and 1,360 hp. The engines weigh 1,965 kg (4,320 lb) and have respective fuel consumption rates of 233 liters/hr (61.5 and 264 liters/hr (69.7 gal/hr).
  • V12-1550 als0 displace 21.9 liters and is rated at 1,550 hp. This engine weighs 2,165 kg (4,760 lb.) and the fuel consumption rate is 307 liters/hr (81.0 gal/hr).
  • V12-1800 is a 24.2 liter V-12 putting out up to 1,800. The MAN website does not provide any additional data on this engine.

A not too recent press release announced a new engine the R6-550 with 6.9 liters of displacement and 550 hp. The regular marine listing page on the website does not currently list this engine.

All of the MAN marine diesel engines are turbocharged, intercooled 4-stroke diesels with 4 valves per cylinder. The V-8s are all 90° blocks. Fuel is provided through electronically controlled, common rail direct injection. MAN provides what they call their Gold Standard certificate for engine installation in private yachts. The certificate is provided when the installation meets the company’s standards of installation and engine tuning. The Gold Standard certificate comes with a 2-year comprehensive engine warranty and an additional 3 years of warranty coverage on specific engine parts.

MAN has representatives worldwide, from Algeria to Vietnam. MAN marine diesel engines are designed for yachts in the 50 ft. to 90 ft. range. The German quality, compact V-block sizes and responsive power should put MAN marine diesel engines on any prospective yacht owners prospective powerplant list.



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