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Managing your E-Marina™ listing is fast & easy, and will increase
customer traffic to your facility, today!

80% of boaters are using hand held devices and digital tools to find the best deals on fuel and marina services.  70% of these boaters want to receive information and price updates, and more than 50% simply want to learn more about your unique capabilities.  Your free listing on this website is already providing increased online visibility for your marina business.  Enjoy the fullest benefits of a powerful internet presence by claiming and updating your hosted listing.

To help boaters quickly see why you are their best choice in any situation, simply register for a free account to evaluate your listing and our system, then upgrade to a Bronze Member & instantly take control of your information. Your listing is immediately accessible and allows you to instantly update 100+ fields, including:

Service & Price Details
Amenities & Capabilities
Available Discounts
Daily Promotions
Nearby Attractions
and much more!

Follow the 4 easy steps listed below to begin…

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Register as a BASIC MEMBER to open your free account,
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Step 2:  Login, Find & Claim Your E-Marina™ Listing

Step 3:  Submit to our Administrators Who Will Verify Authenticity of Request, and Attach Your Username to Your listing.

Step 4:  Upgrade to Bronze & Instantly Update Your Listing with Today’s Information!You will be contacted by one of our Data Integrity Administrators to verify authenticity of claim request. Upon approval, you will be asked to upgrade to a Bronze Memberto take control of your listing’s details ($99/year). Today’s information is updated in real-time, so you can display special promotions or price & amenity changes instantly!See Example of Profile Controls – click here.Marina owners who have claimed their listings enjoy direct communication with members who have asked to receive updates when information changes. Making regular updates to your listing is just one of the ways to make the most of our system, and will keep your facility on the minds of active boaters seeking services in your area!

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