Marine Diesel Fuel Price Report for US & Caribbean

Marine Diesel Price Report for Fuel

Marine DieselAt we work to provide professional and recreational boaters with the most current price comparison reports for marine diesel fuel prices.   Our reports will enable you to compare prices amongst the different marine diesel providers in almost any area of the US and the Caribbean.  To request your customized marine diesel fuel report, please Contact Us.

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About Marine Gasoline Rates

Get Exact Marine Diesel Prices is the best online resource for boaters who need up-to-date information on marinas and marine diesel and fuel prices. is also pleased to be able to provide general boating information, news and updates.’s President believes that:

“There is quite a difference in marine diesel fuel prices between marinas. Sometimes, a few hundred yards can mean saving as much, or more than, two dollars per gallon, resulting in a 40% – 50% cost savings!

Marine Fuel .com puts this information at your fingertips. Prudent boaters use to realize these savings, and make the boating season a little easier on the wallet!” ~ William N. McKenna, IV, President

See our Fuel Dock Prices ™ and Fuel Bid Desk ™ for more information on marine gasoline and diesel engine fuel prices and data. Marina owners, marina gas price spotters and our Internal Marina Fuel Analysts help keep our website updated with the lowest and highest marine diesel rates at national marinas. We also maintain a database of marina listings and marina reviews in the Caribbean, please see our global marina list to check worldwide marine diesel fuel prices.

Current Fuel & Marine Diesel Variance Reports provides thorough marine diesel price variance reports, which detail regional marine fuel prices as well as changes we’ve noticed from previous price reports.  Marine gasoline prices are also available on    You can generate your own fuel widget for creating reports covering specific areas, or contact us for additional reporting options.

Additional Research Updates and Information

The Research Section of includes articles and reports on all things related to boating, including: yachting, marina ratings and reviews, travel reports, marine equipment reviews, boat fuel news, engine and other parts news and updates, and much more. is your number one online resource for all things related to boating.

Press Inquiries for Information is a completely reliable news resource for those seeking information and statistics on boating and marine related topics. Members of the Press or Bloggers may cite information from our articles or reports, but must attribute as the source as well as provide a link to our site. Currently, historical marine diesel and marine gasoline fuel rates are not maintained online; please contact us to request this information.

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If you would like additional information on any marine topic found on our site, we will respond to requests from media, partners or affiliates for additional information as quickly as possible. provides boaters with access to relevant marine information as well as marine diesel and marine gas price updates.  Our goal is to save you time and money.  In doing so, we hope to further enhance your boating experience.

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