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As the industry’s “Go-To” resource for real-time retail fuel dock prices and marina information, our Marinas Directory offers the most current and comprehensive information available on marinas and fuel docks in the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean.

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Our database contains comprehensive marine diesel and gasoline information at over 2,700 fuel docks in the U.S. and Caribbean. Instant updates on pricing and data are made by marina administrators, field spotters and

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Our database contains comprehensive marina information on nearly 10,000 marinas in the U.S. and Caribbean.

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Large vessels can save up to 45% off retail fuel prices when purchasing 1,000 gallons or more in the United States, Bahamas or Caribbean with our Wholesale Bidding and Concierge Fuel Delivery services.
Wholesale Bidding Service
Marinas, Commercial Vessels & Operations, Large Yachts and Groups get lowest price bids by buying direct from local wholesalers and distributors serving a specific area. We facilitate the bidding process to ensure competitive bulk purchase price breaks and fuel quality assurance.

Concierge Fuel Delivery
For the ultimate in refueling convenience, local distributors will deliver fuel to your vessel, or specified locations, as part of the Wholesale Bidding Service.

Our exclusive partnership with ValvTect Marine Fuels ensures savings and convenience, combined with the best products for your engine(s). Be sure to ask for today’s prices on ValvTect in your area.

Promoting responsible waterway use while streamlining fuel transactions
in the marine industry. is dedicated to promoting eco-awareness in the marine industry.
Working to balance the consumption and replenishment of nature’s resources, The Green Captain encourages boaters and marina operators to take personal responsibility for their impact on our oceans and waterways.
Tap into information and resources for green or eco-friendly practices and procedures, carbon offsets, alternative energy, Clean Marina Certification, Bio-Products and more.

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