South Florida Marine Fuel Prices & Savings

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January 17th, 2012
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Enjoy Lowest
South Florida Marine Fuel Prices at
Miami Beach Marina,

then discover some of the finest shopping, cuisine & people watching known to boaters, world-wide!

Find today’s BEST marine fuel prices and savings FREE! Helps Boaters Find the Best Possible Fuel Savings!

Navigate to Miami Beach Marina for the lowest Southern Florida marine fuel prices.

Known for it’s terrific location, amenities and service staff, Miami Beach Marina is easy to access through deep water from the Atlantic, Biscayne Bay or the Intracoastal Waterway. Miami Beach Marina’s central location in vibrant South Beach is only steps away from the Art Deco district along Ocean Drive, as well as restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear water.

Saving on Marine Fuel is Easy!

When cruising through the Southern United States, you can’t help but notice that South Florida marine fuel prices are changing on what seems like a daily basis. is here to help you get the best price on preferred marine fuel at marinas and fuel docks in South Florida, and beyond.  

Providing real-time fuel information through Fuel Dock Prices™ and On-Demand Customer Service, finding preferred fuel type, brand, ideal location – and, of course  the lowest marina gas price – is all just a few easy clicks away!

Save with Shorter Distances

With South Florida marine gasoline prices ranging from $3.21 to $5.47 per gallon, are recreational boaters still hitting the water?

Of course they are!

Making adjustments such as anchoring more or traveling shorter distances saves money and lets you spend more time relaxing on the water, but away from the helm. 

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Taking full advantage of all the benefits your boating adventures present to you is a breeze with the E-Marina™ feature.  You’ll quickly find marinas with fuel docks, restuarants, work out facilities, swimming pools and so much more!  You no longer have to make dozens of phone calls to find the perfect marina destination for any  outting… simply log on to and click your way to fun for the whole family!  Members also have the option to ‘save’ their favorite marinas for fuel price and promotional change notifications.

Travel Light!

We all love to be prepared for everything when we head out, and while leaving certain things behind may not seem ideal when you’re packing for fun, there’s no denying that lighter weight burns less fuel… and less fuel means less money in the tank.    Try taking only the accessories and extras that are necessary for safety, and for the activities you KNOW you’ll be engaging in. 


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