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Lowest Marine Diesel Prices in Florida & Texas This Week

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Lowest marine diesel prices in Florida and Texas for the week of April 13th, 2010.
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Cheapest Marine Diesel Price in Florida

Marine diesel prices in Florida are as low as $2.44 per gallon this week. That is cheaper than some Florida marinas charging $3.13 per gallon! Find the right marina in Florida and you could save $0.69 per gallon when you fill up the diesel fuel tank(s) in your boat or yacht!    (see current FL average here)  

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Cheapest Marine Diesel Prices in Texas

Some marine gas prices in Texas are showing up at prices as low as $2.45 per gallon. Knowing where to find that price could save you a lot because some Texas Marina Fuel Dock prices are as high as $3.58 per gallon. That’s $1.13 more per gallon if you go to a higher priced marina.

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That’s where we come in and can help you save a bundle on marina gas.

The national average price of regular diesel at non-marine fuel pumps in the US was $3.069 per gallon.

Last Week’s Marina Diesel Fuel Prices

Last week California, Florida, Virginia and the Bahamas were reporting some of the lowest marine diesel prices and some of the highest too. Virginia had the cheapest diesel prices coming in at $2.34 with Florida following at $2.44, California with marine diesel prices of $3.00 and the Bahamas reporting $3.07    (Get Current State Average Report, here)

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