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Yamaha Outboard Engine Facts

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
The Facts about Yamaha Outboard Engines

The Facts about Yamaha Outboard Engines

The Yamaha Motor Company, founded in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan, produced its first motorized vehicle on July 1, 1955.  At this same time, Yamaha was destined to become the world’s largest piano manufacturer along with becoming the world’s second largest manufacturer of motorcycles.  In 1980, the Yamaha Motor Company, USA, opened its new corporate headquarters in Cypress, CA.

Over fifty years later, they continue to produce a wide array of recreational vehicles including motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, boats, outboard engines, and snowmobiles.  As of 2005, the Yamaha Motor Company had annual sales of USD$12 billion while employing almost 40,000 people worldwide.

Makes & Models
Yamaha produces two-stroke outboard motors in a 200HP High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) model; High Power 115 and 150HP; Mid Range 50 to 90HP; and Portable 8 to 25HP models.  In a four-stroke outboard, they produces a V8 5.3L with 300 to 350HP; High Power 200 to 250HP; Sport Model 225HP; an in-line 115 and 150HP; Midrange 40 to 90HP; Jet Drive 30 to 105HP; High Thrust 8 to 60HP; and a Portable 2.5 to 20HP model.  Later the VMAX series featuring a Series 2 with 200 to 300HP; HPDI 150 to 175HP; Super High Output (SHO) 200 to 250HP; and a 2.6L Carb 150HP model were produced.

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Customer Satisfaction
According to the 2009 Marine Engine Competitive Study produced by J.D. Powers and Associates, Yamaha ranked second in the outboard electronic fuel injection (EFI) four-stroke outboard manufacturer category as well as second in the outboard direct injection (DI) two-stroke category and earned 902 out of a possible 1,000 points and 892 out of a possible 1,000, respectively.

Parts & Manuals
Yamaha outboard engine parts are available directly from the Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, website and at Yamaha Outboard Parts.  Parts catalogs and owner’s manuals can be viewed online; paper copies of service and owner’s manuals can also be ordered.  Repair manuals can also be purchased through

For immediate Yamaha Outboard Engine answers, try the Just Answer website.  For a fee ranging from $14 to $34, you can ask a Just Answer expert about a Yamaha outboard motor and receive an answer within minutes from a certified marine mechanic.  You can also browse previous Yamaha questions and answers free of charge on this site.

New for 2010
Some of the latest Yamaha products include the F25 High Thrust model; F40 single overhead cam (SOHC) outboard; and a F150 Jet Drive engine.  Yamaha has also introduced a number of new propellers including the Deep V aluminum series; 18” Reliance; 17” Pro Series; HS4 High Seas; and Pontoon Performance propellers.

Dealer Locator
Yamaha dealers can easily be located by using the ‘find dealer’ feature on the Yamaha website.

Owner’s Groups & Clubs
There are several forums dedicated to Yamaha outboard motor owners including groups found at Marine Engine, Yamaha Outboard Parts, and  The Yamaha Owners Club features a blog and you can also join a Yamaha Outboard Motors group on Facebook.

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