ValvTect: Premium Marine Fuels and Additive

Posted by Christine McKenna
February 1st, 2010
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Valvtect Petroleum Products offer gasoline and diesel based marine fuels, as well as several marine fuel additives. ValvTect products are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of marine engines.  It may be said that fuel is not genuinely marine fuel without this special additive formula.

Select marinas throught the United States have been certified to sell ValvTect marine fuels, which contain the BioGuard (diesel) or Ethanol Gas Treatment additives.  Boaters seeking optimal performance and efficiency will always choose a Valvtect Certified Marina when deciding where to stop and purchase fuel.

Marinas that carry ValvTect fuels are demonstrating just how much they want their customers to have, and experience, the very best.  Sailfish Marina in Stuart and Miami Beach Marina are two facilities in Florida that can be relied upon for excellence in available products, as well as service.  Boaters can easily spot marinas selling ValvTect fuels by the ValvTect-branded signs on the fuel dock, which are provided free of charge to the marina. 

Valvtect-Marine-Fuel-Additive  Watch for this identifying icon when using E-Marina or
Fuel Dock Prices™!

Valvtect Premium Marine Fuel Additives provide a wide range of benefits for many types of marine engines,
and it’s important for boaters to choose the right kind of additive for their particular circumstance.

The ValvTect marine fuel additive products include…

  1. Gasoline and Diesel Stabilizer: Prevents problems caused by fuel during storage; makes motor start faster.
  2. Lead Substitute: Enhances reliability and performance in older engines which lack catalytic converters.
  3. Marine Engine Injector Cleaner: Eliminates various deposits in DFI and EFI engines, enhancing performance.
  4. Ethanol Gasoline Treatment: Prevents four problems caused by gasoline with ethanol in it (E5, E10).
  5. Fuel Dri: Eliminates water in the fuel system, enabling boaters to avoid corrosion and contamination.
  6. Octane Performance Improver: Enhances performance and acceleration while preventing exhaust valve problems.
  7. Carbon Free: Stops carbon deposits from forming, making engines last longer and perform better.
  8. Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine Diesel Additive: Decreases pollution, stops corrosion, and more.
  9. BioGuard Microbiocide: Eliminates harmful fungi and bacteria in diesel fuel within three hours.

Not All Fuels and Engines are Created Equal

ValvtectBoat engines run much differently than those of automobiles, and fuel purchased at street gas stations can wreak havoc in marine applications. When using untreated diesel or gasoline, marine engines are significantly more vulnerable to damage and simply don’t perform as well; particularly when burning fuel containing ethanol. This inefficiency increases the overall costs of fuel and maintenance; not to mention the safety risk to boaters in the event of engine failure due to ethanol problems.

Whether sold at street stations, or on the water fuel docks, the argument can be made that gasoline and diesel only become marine fuel when specially forumulated marine additives are used. Without these treatments, gas and diesel fuels are best used only in ‘on land’ applications.

To gain the benefits of additive-containing fuels, boaters can purchase pre-treated fuels at certified locations, or purchase additives to self-treat fuel purchased at street stations.  It’s important to understand which treatment is best for each circumstance, which is why many boaters opt to fill up at ValvTect Certified Marinas, whenenever possible. 

Boat with Confidence!

By purchasing ValvTect fuels or additives, and/or Ethanol-free fuel, boaters can save money on engine repairs and achieve a more reliable boating experience.’s E-Marina™ and Fuel Dock Prices™ Advanced Searching helps boat owners quickly locate, and see today’s fuel prices and services at Vavltect Certified Marinas.

To combat approval of E-15 for marine applications, all ValvTect Certified Marinas are required to carry Non-Ethanol fuel.  Jerry Nessenson, President of ValvTect, reports that violation of this requirement will result in certification revocation.

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