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According to WISE Solutions, Inc., petrochemical lubricants leak or spill into the environment at a rate of 1.5 billion gallons annually.  Offering a solution to help aid this environmental disaster and based on the concept of ‘green chemistry,’ WISE Solutions has been producing an array of eco-friendly bio-products serving the agriculture, food-grade processing/manufacturing, and water treatment/marine industries since 1991. 

Based in California, WISE Solutions offers a selection of green marine bio-products in an array of categories including:

Interior Cleaners
• WISE Canvas & Vinyl Cleaner: this highly concentrated, non-toxic, colloidal cleaner is also a degreaser; can be used on vinyl, canvas, scuffs, and leather ($18.00; 1 quart) 
• WISE Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser: this cleaner/degreaser is hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and is highly concentrated; can be used on walls, woods, and metal ($14; 1 quart)
• Bio-Mold Away by WISE attacks visible mold as well the roots of mold which can’t be seen and can be used on most surfaces; Bio-Mold Away is non-caustic, non-hazardous, and contains 100% bio-based ingredients ($22; 1 quart)
• WISE Bio-Odor Away is designed to eliminate odor, loosen any organic matter, and prevents the formation of bio-film on surfaces that have been treated ($38; 1 quart)

Bilge Cleaners
• WISE Bio-Bilge Wash serves as an emulsifier; it breaks down scum and residue as it cleans contact surfaces; can be used in bilge and ballast tanks, for deck side spills, for general cleaning, and for fire-fighting purposes ($19; 1 quart)

Exterior Cleaners
• WISE Boat Wash is a bio-based cleaner that contains no soap or detergent; can be used on fiberglass, vinyl, metal, leather, rubber, aluminum, and painted surfaces ($14; 1 quart)
• Ocean salt is hard on a boat but it can be removed easily with  eco-friendly Salt Halt ($21; 1 quart) or Boat Wash with Salt Halt ($14; 1 quart)

Fluids & Lubricants
• WISE offers Bio-Hydraulic Fluids AW 1000 which are made from a vegetable oil base; available in viscosity ISO 32, 46, 68 ($8.50; 1 quart)
• American grown and manufactured, WISE Bio-Penetrating Lubricant is multi-purpose, biodegradable, dissolves rust, and prevents corrosion ($7.52; 11 ounce aerosol)

The proven success of WISE Solutions products are demonstrated through their repeat customer list including US National Parks, California Department of Forestry, Monterey Bay Aquarium, along with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NOAA operates a number of research vessels on the Great Lakes that utilize WISE Solutions bio-products through their Green Ship Initiative program.  The R/V Shenehon, R/V Laurentian, and the R/V Huron, are all powered by vegetable-based products; these ships also make use of canola motor oil as well as bio-hydraulic fluids.

Going green is made easy by making the conscious choice to use only bio-degradable, non-toxic products, rather than by choosing chemically based ones.  With the wide range of products offered by WISE Solutions, the choice is even easier.

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